Earphiles is for now and temporarily the sole point of view of one person. There are several other review sites out there. Some of which are dedicated to providing honest opinions so you don’t have to read between the lines, some that are more accepting of new products and review everything in a positive light, some that are objective, some that are subjective and so forth. Earphiles for now only represents the opinion of one individual so it is best for the reader to glean what they can from here as well as other sites to get a holistic picture. Even your favorite reviewer will have an opinion that differs from yours. The objective here is to lay out impressions and reviews in a comprehensive format that is simple and to the point. Carrying on, waxing poetical with fancy metaphors and word play is not what can be considered a strength of this site. However, providing honest opinions is of an extremely high priority.


Leacroft Green

My name is Leacroft Green. I have been in the hobby for several years and thoroughly enjoy trying out new gear. I try to seek out the good aspects of a product first before I find the bad and usually end up with a good idea of the whole picture from my opinion. Over the years I have also learned that making gear bright and baseless is not ‘wrong’ to the right person and neither is making ‘bassy and dark’ ‘right for the wrong person. Though my specific bend is towards professional neutral vs stereophile neutral I try to make the qualities of each aspect individualized so one can choose for themselves if they want to ignore my bias. I am a singer and a poem writer so I have been in studios recording my vocals plenty of times. The human voice is very important to me so I find that I automatically listen for how vocals sound by default. I also have a predisposition on what neutral sounds like based on the environments I have been in. Overall though, this stuff is just fun to me, and while I know the market has a lot of overpriced gear in it, it also has a lot of good stuff at fair justifiable prices that make this wonderful world of sound come alive in personal spaces. 

On the forums I get asked for recommendations on gear often enough that I feel I can give a little back now but my way. 


– Lee

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